CAD Token coming

CaliforniaDollar is an innovation in the digital currency space designed to monitor and get the most out of economic decentralization. The primary goal of the innovation is to give people the freedom and power to decide the value of their own money and an initial coin offering for the CAD has been announced to allow everyone and anyone across the globe to be a part of the “revolution.”

The emergence of digital currency has led to the development of several innovation and many businesses across several industries have been tapping into the concept in a bid to harness the immense benefits and features of the digital currency space. However, the concept of decentralization which is what the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are centered on has not particularly penetrated national economies and this is one of the many challenges CaliforniaDollar is aiming to solve.

Described as the “good crypto currency,” CaliforniaDollar symbol CAD is an innovation of having futuristic machines which will use values of cryptocurrencies as a source of e-fuel to stay digitally alive. The aim of the developers of CAD is to make it a highly valuable and long lasting e-fuel source on ERC20 block chain technology among other major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, by making it a strong player in the market.

The CAD initial coin offering comes with exciting features and benefits that stand it out from other digital currencies in the cryptocurrency space. In addition to being world’s first insured and most guarded ICO in the blockchain technology, CAD it is also the first Satisfaction Guaranteed ICO in the Blockchain Technology, which means that unsatisfied pre-ICO and ICO investors have the chance the get a refund of their investments for any reason or no reason.

The initial coin offering of the ERC20 standard token will have a total supply of 2,100,000 tokens issued at different stages of the ICO. The Pre-ICO is scheduled to commence on October 28 and will run through to the 18th of November, 2018. The ICO stage will start immediately the pre-ICO ends on November 18 and will run till December 8, 2018. Some of the many accepted currencies for the ICO include ETH, BTC, USD and all other good altcoins.

The team at CAD believes that “CAD is Ten times smaller than Bitcoin in maximum supply and ten times more valuable than Bitcoin when the world start knowing CAD”

The raised funds during the initial coin offering will be used for different purposes including 80% for developments, with CAD scheduled to be first listed on exchanges as early as December 31, 2018.

More information about CAD and how to be a part of the initial coin offering to usher in a new era in the cryptocurrency space can be found on their website. CAD is also present on several social media platforms including Telegram and Medium.