Top100exchange has been described as “the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange” allowing users to trade different digital currencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum amongst others. As part of TOP100 EXCHANGE LIMITED, the creator of the unique exchange’s goals of providing a smarter option to exchange cryptocurrencies in a simple and cost-effective way, the company has announced the sale of the TP Coin, the official currency of the platform, through an initial coin offering.

Top100exchange is looking to change the narrative in the world of digital currency, allowing traders and other such stakeholders in the cryptocurrency space to get more from the space by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that will allow them to exchange digital currencies in a more effective way. The company’s commitment to enabling its clients to make huge profits has been reiterated with the sale of the TP Coin via an ICO.

Why buy TP coin

The official currency of the exchange will be made available to the public via the ICO which starts on the 20th of July 2018, with a total coin supply of 300,000,000 TP Coin. The token sale will be offering holders of the coin a wide range of benefits including mining and validating block transactions, access to a huge worldwide market and huge discounts on trade, as well as enjoying the benefits of the exchange’s referral program.

Users of the token will receive rewards in form of bonuses as well as use the coin for the payment of transaction fees in the platform. The huge potential for capital gain particularly with the token available at a significantly lower rate during the ICO is an additional attraction to buying the token.


More information about the token sale can be found on the website.