Decentralized Christian Charity Cryptocurrency Project “C. 6-4 BC”

A Team Of Blockchain Specialists Announces The ICO Of Their First Of its kind


The C. 6-4 BC project whose development was aided by the cryptographic advancement of the blockchain ledger, as well as other anonymous cryptocurrencies, has been created to release the less fortunate people in the society from poverty through the God’s special grace.

The intent of the team members who are behind the creation the C. 6-4 BC cryptocurrency project is to provide a secure and safe environment for people of faith to communicate, transact, socialize, and grow together in the knowledge of Jesus.

The C. 6-4 BC project seeks to rebuild dreams, repair lives, and revive the homes of everyone who is part of the community as well as those who can be reached with the project.

10% of C. 6-4 BC’s the funds generated through the project will be continuously donated to nonprofit organizations and charities in addition to thousands of orphans who will be sponsored on a monthly basis.

Unlike other available cryptocurrency projects, C. 6-4 BC has the advantage of offering a much quicker and

safer global access to Jesus. C. 6-4 BC is open to everyone irrespective of religious beliefs and provides a platform for users to interact and earn.

“As a cryptocurrency platform that operates with conscience and compassion, we plan to become the decentralized worldwide hub for individuals seeking to impact the world in a Christ-like and positive way,” said a team member of the C. 6-4 BC. “And the main reason why we directed donations is that donations need greater transparency and consistency and require providing more donations to receivers by reducing fees and the weight on service operations,” he further stated.

The C. 6-4 BC project whose Market Cap has been estimated at $50 million makes use of the powerful Ethereum blockchain, quick P2P or Pilgrim-to-Pilgrim transactions.

With the coin of C. 6-4 BC, users can expect spiritual assistance that will aid the growth of all their crypto assets. The platform also guarantees all its participants eternal salvation.

Although C. 6-4 BC serves as a decentralized autonomous charity with an overall goal of generating coins for non-profit organizations, it is also a platform that offers a legit investment opportunity.

One factor that stands this project from others in the cryptocurrency industry is that C. 6-4 BC strives to meet the practical and spiritual needs of every individual and unite partakers as one community.

The benefits offered by the C. 6-4 BC project include;

  • Dependable network
  • Less mining heat compared to Bitcoin
  • Fosters a Christian environment
  • Those in the community pray and help each other and extend the kingdom of Jesus
  • Enables church organizations to get offerings and tithes.
  • Provide users with the opportunity to buy retail products without leaving the community.
  • And aid families to generate income through quarterly buyback and burn etc.


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