Cure WorldCosplay

Cure WorldCosplay, the leading global cosplay platform for more than 720,000 members in over 180 countries, has announced a partnership with Howdoo the decentralized messaging and social media network.

The two companies have agreed to work together in adding value to their respective users. For Cure WorldCosplay this means giving their members who range from cosplayers, prop makers, and costume designers, to photographers, fans, and event organizers, the opportunity to create their own distinct social channels – and to share their content with as wide an audience as possible. For Howdoo, the partnership demonstrates the ability of the platform to reset the rules for how international audiences engage with each other – based on a more trusted user experience and innovative monetization opportunities.


Daisuke Nakagawa

Daisuke Nakagawa, Executive Officer, at Cure WorldCosplay said: “It’s estimated that cosplay fans around the world spent $17.8 billion in 2017. Yet the market has the potential to grow five times that if we can offer this community an easier way to reach financial settlements, to protect their copyrights, and to put in place greater trust and transparency. Our goal is to help create a sustainable cosplay ecosystem, and introducing a social network into the mix is an important next step”.

Both Cure WorldCosplay and Howdoo are developing platforms and capabilities with blockchain technology. Their partnership will help extend the ability of cosplayers to connect with the international community of individuals and companies supporting their activities. In addition it will give them direct access to their fans, and new options for staying in touch, sharing updates, and offering new services such as live streaming and exclusive content – to help fully monetize their efforts.

David Brierley, Founder and Chief Initiator at Howdoo said: “Our platform is perfectly suited to the world of cosplay. Not only is it an ideal way to connect cosplayers to their fans, but we also enable them to build channels for sharing their outputs and offer exciting new ways to turn these into cryptocurrencies – and to track where their content appears across other third party sites. To this we can also add our Proof of Contribution algorithm, which provides a unique solution to the issues of trust and transparency – and it’s all built on our own blockchain technology that enables massive scale, and high-availability required for solutions that have high frequency use cases.”.

From a monetization perspective, both CureWorldcosplay and Howdoo will be issuing cryptotokens (COT and uDoo respectively). Both platforms will support micropayment functionality to make it easier to extract value from their efforts, while Howdoo also provides cosplayers with the ability to attract advertisers and to receive a fairer share of the revenues generated.

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