liquidate your bitcoin

The company is uniquely qualified to source and complete due diligence, KYC and AML on both its buyers and sellers making introductions and the processing of such large transactions as seamless as possible. The company also has a network of pre-vetted hedge funds, financial organizations, UHNWs and institutional buyers who have BTC funds setup in escrow ready to purchase large volume Bitcoin from mining companies worldwide. The company has an exclusive partnership with Orcom Group, registered, financial services and regulated chartered accounting and escrow service provider, who specialize in blockchain and ICO advice. Global Equity Group can also integrate with a number of international escrow companies and law firms provided by its sellers and buyers making sure these transactions are safe and secure for both parties involved.

The partnership allows Global Equity Group to be a one-stop-solution for consulting miners and large volume BTC owners how to safely and securely trade and exchange their Bitcoins with Fiat Currency for either US Dollars ($), British Pound Sterling ($) or Euro (€). The Company and their blockchain banking partners have a network of 14 ‘crypto-friendly’ banks from UK, Sweden, Singapore to Monaco and the US with established relationships facilitating and expediting daily transfers of over 5,000 BTC, twice a day. In some cases, Global can work with its sellers to create new seller client bank accounts within its crypto-friendly banks for receiving large volumes of FIAT from these OTC/BTC trades, in these cases a daily tranches can be many times higher than 5,000BTC. The consultancy firm prides itself by specializing in making sure both the buyers and sellers are well protected and that full KYC and AML are in place before each transaction processes.

In a new marketplace where traditional escrow service companies have limited knowledge of digital currency and digital wallets, Global Equity Group and its specialized partners can now provide a very safe and fast process with unique services for miners and sellers from cold storage wallets, multi-signature wallets and even the new time-release wallets. The time-release wallet is a concept devised by Global Equity Group to help provide an extra layer of protection to its sellers. It is a smart contract connected to the escrow’s multi-signature wallets, which will allow BTCs to be automatically released back to the seller’s original wallet (without the need for private keys) if the buyer doesn’t execute the transaction in time.

A spokesperson for Global Equity Group mentioned; “Ultimately with any trade, it’s all about trust, and the way to build trust is to start with very small tranches. We don’t ask the seller or the buyer to escrow all their BTC at once. In fact, we can start with a very small amount, as little as 5BTC, although normally its at least 1,500BTC for the first tranche. The seller meets all the parties involved and can transfer a mere 5 BTC to our escrow provider(s) to begin with. We process the first transaction quickly and efficiently and once they have received the fiat currency in their bank account, the seller decides the amount they want to sell next.  The seller can scale upto 30,000BTC per day depending on the solution we have provided. That way there is minimal risk and the seller is in complete control of the transaction.”

Global Equity also features advanced Artificial trading (AI) technology, which is employed to maximize revenues from the volatility of the daily price fluctuations of Bitcoin. With proven results of compounded interest of 5-12 % per day on Bitcoin holdings. Global is now partnering with its new BTC mining clients desiring to pool their respective funds and maximize the advantages of this unique AI trading software.

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