Bits Diamond Creates Massive Buzz before Its Launch as the New Big Platform for Crypto Currency Exchange and More

The pre-ICO stage is live, and people can now buy tokens with 20% bonus at Bits Diamond. Designed on completely groundbreaking revenue models; the Bits Diamond as a platform is making some current buzz. It is being hailed for its well-designed referral program.


Bits Diamond has come up with a well-thought plan as they are all set to conquer the market about those who would like to deal in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

This platform is going to have their mega BITSD coin ICO launch in March 2018, and the preparations are already in full swing. They would also have the option of a digital wallet wherein users can easily exchange their currencies, make transactions and do a lot more over a secured channel.

As per the plans of the developers, they will also be launching the e-commerce facility as well in May. Their currency exchange platform is expected to see the light of the day by May.

One of the key spokesmen of the company was quoted as saying, “We all know how the world has been caught up by the storm of cryptocurrencies as too many people want to buy them especially bitcoins. What the help of our platform, we want to cater to the whole group and offer them even more chances and opportunities as well.”

bits diamond ICO sale

There is no doubt that Bits Diamond is likely to emerge as one of the leading platforms owing to the kind of features which they are offering. The company has a lot of expectations and even detailed plans regarding what they want to achieve and how they will shape everything in the times to come.

Those who are interested in buying, exchanging and even trading the cryptocurrencies should make it a point to check out what Bits Diamond has to offer. To get more details about the work they do, one can check

About Bits Diamond

Bits Diamond is an emerging platform that mainly caters to people who want to buy, trade and exchange cryptocurrencies. There is provision to add a lot more features like e-commerce facility, digital wallet and more. The transactions will all be done over a secured channel.