Bitcoin prices increases as the cryptocurrency first ratings are released


Bitcoin’s price loosened up a little from yesterday price however, it has not broken the 12,000 dollar barrier. As stated by Coindesk’s index, one Bitcoin could bring you down by $11,222.71 which is a 3.53% rise from yesterday’s price at 13:55 UTC.

The unstable movement in the price of Bitcoin’s took place after Axel Weber (UBS Chairman) told Bloomberg during the WEF (World Economic Forum) that the Union Bank of Switzerland will not proffer Bitcoin investing assistance to customers as government directives of the crypto-coin might give rise to a “massive correction” as well as a collapse in the Bitcoin price.

Profits for other coins have outdone Bitcoin, among the highest trading coins, Stellar’s Lumens gained the most, and it rose by 26.13% to exchange at $0.57. The crypto coin which splits technology with Ripple’s XRP may be on Stripe’s network very soon.

At 14:09 UTC, the total market funding for all cryptocurrencies settles at $552.7 billion, which increased from $515.5 billion this morning.

Price increase and decrease in top ten cryptos

Cryptocurrencies Ratings

The instability of the digital currency markets has perplexed even the greatest analysts. Presently, there are activities to bring in some techniques to curb the cryptocurrency craze.

Florida-based company Weiss Ratings published a rating evaluation of digital currencies and assigned letter grades to them. Today, Bitcoin got a B- grade and Ripple received an A- and NEO an A+.

Surprisingly, Tron’s TRX, which has received heavy backlash for pronouncing its release with no set product and stealing code, got A++. This is a baffling rating because Ethereum, whose intelligent contract platform provides a base ground for Tron’s coin got a B++.

Martin Weiss (president of Weiss Ratings), during an interview with Marketplace, said his company had utilized “thousands of data points” and 4 elements to ascertain the ratings. The first 2 factors are reward and risk indices; this is based on profit potential and price risk.

Technology index is the 3rd factor, most likely an evaluation of a cryptocurrency fundamental blockchain and potentials.  Then the fourth factor is a “reality test”. This test is carried on the tech’s applications in a real environment to make certain that it works for people as they use it.

Furthermore, the “reality test” will take a while to assess due to the industry’s promising nature. It is uncertain how the company will manage technology projections for offshoots which basically use the same blockchain by for their original currency.

Blaskey stated that the ratings are signs of progressive maturation for the digital currency markets.

He also stated that this is the first system and more will also come, particularly as more members in the monetary ecosystem incorporate these resources into their business.

Is bitcoin a payment or asset network?

This question has puzzled analysts, investors, and cryptocurrency users. It definitely has a very vital bearing on (factors driving the movement of the price. Dan Ciotoli – a software engineer at Bespoke Investment Group has foretold that the target price for the coin will be amid $20,000 and $30,000 at the end of 2018.

Speaking with CNBC, Ciotoli stated that Bitcoin-denominated exchange will pull bitcoin up in 2018. He also said that the achievement of Lightning Network has an important part to play in the assessment. If the lightning network fails, Ciotoli’s price target will crash to $5,000.

The group at Stripe – a disbursement processor disagrees with Ciotoli’s assessment. The startup based in San Francisco which ceased support for the cryptocurrency yesterday highlighted soaring transaction fees and price instability as the reasons for its pronouncement.

Tom Karlo, (Stripe product manager) said that for the last two years, bitcoin has advanced and it’s best-suited as an asset than a channel of exchange.

Conclusively, the CEO of the biggest payment processor (Alfred Kelly) told CNBC that the instability of bitcoin’s price made it inappropriate as a payment system. Rather, he stated that he sees the digital currency as an unpredictable commodity.