TRON: Justin Sun the founder of the cryptocurrency in a bid to change the internet


As the activities and popularity of cryptocurrency persist, with Bitcoin dominating, smaller projects are also evolving and investors can’t help but get excited. One of these smaller projects is Tron. The founder of Tron is looking forward to it challenging the world’s key content providers such as YouTube and Facebook.

As stated on Tron site, Tron (TRX) is known as a blockchain-based policy that strives to decentralize the sharing of contents on the web. This platform ensures that musicians and other artists can publish web contents without involving middle organizations like YouTube, Amazon or Apple.

Tron (TRX) was developed by Justin Sun, a 26-year-old self-proclaimed acolyte of billionaire Jack Ma. He has accumulated 350,000 followers on twitter advertising the digital currency to its investors and the cryptocurrency society.

Justin Sun is among the most voluble crypto-founders, he has hosted an hour-long live stream about Tron and hosted promotions for the digital currency to be acknowledged by latest digital exchanges.

Foundation of Tron

“Tronix” will be the currency used on the platform and the cryptocurrency is on the verge of having over 10 million users. Justin Sun has announced that the network (Tron) will be used for his media app Peiwo.

Several companies like oBike, Chinese video software, and hardware providers have partnered with the cryptocurrency. Tron also has investors like Wei Dai (bike sharing company founder) and inventors from Microsoft and Alibaba. Sun (founder of Tron) has claimed that there is partnership ongoing with a space exploration establishment.

Tron is majorly bought with Ethereum or Bitcoin which are the key Tokyo-based cryptocurrency-exchange with provision for many languages. Tron has had a total dollar market value of nearly $6 billion, regardless of its low price. The cryptocurrency started in September and traded at just one-tenth of a penny. At the beginning of January, it had increased rapidly and has past the thirty cent mark before falling back to 4 cents; this is due to the market crash based on anxiety that South Korea will prohibit cryptocurrency.

South Korea is a foremost market for cryptocurrencies, and it has indicated that it is not going to ban cryptocurrencies; however, they will control and standardize them to reduce fraud and market manipulation

The price of the coin is rising and it is currently estimated at 8.4 cents. Cryptocurrency detractors and supporters of Tron haven’t come to terms with the potentials of the project. Fears, Hype, and distrust all have influenced the market value of the coin as well as the market source, and this is same for Tron.

It is believed by many that Tron is merely an idea that hasn’t been implemented and no one knows if it is going to be successful.

However Sun has added transparency to the Cryptocurrency using his media presence, he objected to the claims of duplicating other projects, hence, he has reduced the fear and doubt around Tron.

Advocates of the coin on social platforms indicated that the founder of Tron’s founder is positioned among the top cryptocurrencies; they clearly indicated that Tron is beneficial for gaming, online marketplaces or mobile apps. For instance, on the 22nd of January will release Tron puppies where users play the game using Tron coins according to Sun.

We are yet to see if Tron can transform the Internet. However, just like every other coin, Tron has the will to face up to the online and financial system. Therefore cryptocurrency spectators will continue to watch Justin Sun as he plans to outshine the Zuckerberg’s and world notable financial dominators.