The internet has become an indispensable tool in the modern world where technology and technological innovations rule the century. It is a key tool development in all spheres of life, modern-day globalization, is also reliant on the internet to connect several parts of the world together. The internet has played a significant role in day to day economic, political, social and cultural life.

Centralized Servers Are Limited

Because of the significant role the internet plays, internet services are needed all around the world. There is a vast need to satisfy the demand of a growing population on a global level which the existing infrastructure cannot cater for. The medium of receiving internet service is more often than not centralized, hence limiting its effectiveness. Internet service provision is provided on a profit-oriented basis by corporations and is usually known for restrictions such as limited network coverage, hence, putting people in less populated such as small towns and villages at a disadvantage.

Apart from this, there is also the problem of insecurity; many centralized servers providers cannot assure users of privacy because of biased neutrality that puts users at the risk of losing their right to privacy.

A Decentralized Platform

The problems arising as a result of centralized servers, this needs immediate attention and cannot be taken with levity. The best way to tackle these challenges is through a decentralized platform.  Blockchain technology offers a solution that allows “anyone to be anything at any time”. This solution is being examined by the internet service providing corporations. IUNGO network and its partners have enhanced the access to the internet in several areas by maximizing the opportunity provided blockchain technology. This new innovation involves the establishment of a decentralized platform which functions as a service provider through a Wi-Fi platform that allows anyone with internet data to connect with his immediate community through Wi-Fi. This platform is geared at increasing internet participation and an increase in internet coverage especially in remote parts of the world.

A Convenient and Affordable Service

With this solution, internet users on the IUNGO platform have access to Seamless, safe, automated and instant connectivity.  Apart from connectivity, the cost is one of those things that have hindered effective internet access. Many internet providing services are costly which is why those who have access to internet try to ration the use of the internet to reduce cost. Blockchain has brought about a cost-effective and affordable internet service for subscribers on the basis of transparent accounting with a single global wallet. On this platform, internet usage will also be based on preference in reference to reviews, speed price, and quality.

To improve this opportunity, IUNGO is also carrying out an ICO and has come up with its Soft Cap that has more than 10mln tokens bought by more than 3,000 unique investors around the globe. IUNGO also has a working MVP  which rolls globally with a partnership enabling the availability of IUNGO hotspots at Vilnius International Airport giving way to several hotspots in Dublin, London, Taiwan, and Dubai very soon. Its partnership of recent with Mysterium (who has raised $14 mln just in their May ICO) is expected to provide the first DApp on the platform which will provide a VPN to all subscribers of IUNGO

This breakthrough by IUNGO network is set to cause a revolution in the Internet Service industry especially with the opportunity it has offered both organizations and individuals to earn revenue from enabling coverage in internet services as well as global growth. The network already has more than 5,000 enthusiastic supporters on Telegram indicating the success of the project and putting IUNGO on top of its game in 2018.