Net1 UEPS Technologies Will Benefit From The Cryptocurrency Mania

Net1 UEPS Technologies Will Benefit From The Cryptocurrency Mania

I will review why this helps Net1 UEPS Technologies (UEPS) and cryptocurrencies. I will also review why Net1 UEPS Technologies is undervalued and overlooked.

Stocks that have been affected by the cryptocurrency expansion have seen major rallies. For example, Nvidia (NVDA), 1,000% in 30 months; Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), 500% in 21 months; and (OSTK), 333% in 6 months. I do not think Net1 will profit as much as the above stocks, but I am certain that the company will benefit from this recent partnership.

Masterpayment and Bitstamp

Bitstamp is the second largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. Bitstamp is the largest Bitcoin exchange in the EU in terms of volume. It holds the world’s second largest market share (22%) for bitcoin transactions based on a weighted order book. It is ranked number two for bitcoin exchanges based on numerous factors, including volume, spread, volatility, trades per minute, etc. It also trades Litecoin, Ether, and Ripple.

Net1 UEPS Technologies’ subsidiary Masterpayment basically provides payment processing technologies that can make transactions more efficient, faster, more convenient, and at a lower cost. Its payment processing technology is rapidly spreading around the world.

What happened:

Net1 UEPS Technologies (through its subsidiary Masterpayment) became Bitstamp’s new payment service provider for debit and credit card transactions.

This partnership will give Bitstamp users a lower cost, faster, and more convenient transaction process for buying cryptocurrencies using a credit or debit card. It speeds up the cryptocurrency transaction time. It is offering a lower credit card transaction fee of 5% from the previous 8% due to the efficiencies. Net1’s services are available in all 4 cryptocurrencies and almost 90 countries around the world, and Net1’s Masterpayment will be used to process all of the credit and debit card crypto purchases made on the Bitstamp platform.