Human Discovery Platform Announces ICO

Human Discovery ICO

Human Discovery Platform (HDP) has announced its upcoming initial coin offering (ICO), which will begin on November 22. 100 million HD-tokens, based on the ethereum protocol, will be issued to award contributors of the token sale.

HDP is a decentralized system for creation of complex methodics of a human personality analysis powered by blockchain that will give an impulse to the industry of personalized digital products in self-improvement and related industries. The company aims to create a synergistic environment where the best methodics from coaches, psychologists, and other authors will be collected and digitized, and tools will be created for launching products based on them.

The platform will facilitate the interaction of authors of methodics and their sponsors as well as entrepreneurs. Currently, to order a methodic from an author, for example, to create an application, an entrepreneur needs to undergo a number of bureaucratic procedures and pay taxes, and due to that, the cost of a methodic grows many-fold. A person who wants to sponsor an author of a methodic also needs to go through bureaucratic procedures, and in case he/she and an author are in different countries, their cooperation becomes not promising at all.

On the HD platform, an author of a methodic can create a contract for a sponsor (backer) according to which part of received tokens from the used block will be transferred to him. An entrepreneur will get access to ready-to-use API of methodics and expert community of trainers, coaches and other authors of methodics that have practical experience and understanding of an audience’s needs that will facilitate the launch of a product in the market.

The HD-token will be the main exchange instrument on the platform. Consumers receive reward in the form of HD-tokens for providing data at registration. This will ensure the traffic of consumers to the platform that creates the ground for methodics and products development. A consumer will be able to either sell received tokens on the market or use them to pay for the use of the platform products. Authors of methodics will receive HD-tokens for the execution of request for data processing by customers – they can be both consumers and entrepreneurs who decide to create a site or social network on the basis of a methodic. An author of a methodic will also be able to create a contract for a backer who wants to sponsor him, according to which a part of received HD-tokens from a used block will be transferred to a backer.

Human Discovery Platform CEO Timur Karimbaev said that blockchain will help to collect people’s behavioral patterns to provide recommendations for various areas of human life on the basis of input data.